PirateWalla error miscount

DrewN 7 years ago • updated by Kevin Lohman 7 years ago 17
It appears this error is due to change in Gowalla API.  In Counting Booty, count stops at 20 (I have 200+ items). 

In web-based Gowalla Tools, that engine also stopped at 20, but has since been corrected.

I have deleted and re-loaded app numerous times, so look forward to change on your end or new insruction.



Yup.  It was an API change.  Updated app, changes will be present in 2.80

As of tonight I am getting a 0 count on my items. Also deleted and reloaded app. Maybe caused by same error as noted above. Thnaks.
Most likely.  This was a change to the GoWalla API... so it's going to break all the apps the same.  Seems the app is only able to retrieve the last page of your items.  I'll have to update the app to make this work now.  Thanks for your patience.
Should we expect an update in the app store, or will your changes work on the back end somehow? Thanks.
Unfortunately, as the calls have to be made from separate sources to avoid overloading my API key, writing an API for the ever shifting GoWalla API was out of the question.  So the code will have to be updated through the app store.

Yup.  It was an API change.  Updated app, changes will be present in 2.80

Well this is a different issues to one I know that some people are encountering. I know some people get it to count properly but when looking for lower numbers it reads the wrong numbers.

It uses old vault data so it's highly inaccurate.
With the new fix both of these issues will be resolved.  It used to be that I had to make a separate call to the API for every 20 items in your collection, and there was no way of knowing how many items you had in your collection until I had hit the end.  Now I can call for 100 items at a time, and know how many pages there are.  Because of this, I have changed the way I get items.

With 2.80:

If you have picked up a new item since you started searching and want that new item excluded from your search -- Back up to the search screen, and then restart your search.  The app will recount the last page of items and include your new found booty.

If you are having lots of trouble, or bigger issues - force quit the app and relaunch.  This will cause all previously counted items to be reset, and will give you a clean go (I never had to do this, but it's an available workaround now, since I'm not saving vaulted items between relaunches)
is the update out? I am still having problems with the count.
Has 2.80 been submitted to the app store for review?
Yes.  It is in the review process.
Thanks, hopefully a quick review :P but it is apple. lol
Yay! Thanks for the update:-)
this chamer is back again, more than likely due to a change int he gowalla API.... It is only showing pack items not vaulted items... This is confirmed by the list of items that you can check once its hunting.
confirmed with gowallla tools web app that it is an api change
It seems to have fixed itself (API is responding to collection item calls again)... are you still having issues?
working fine for me again! Thanks